Hunting in Bulgaria – Information and Facts

Hunting is a thousand year old tradition for us humans. All predators hunt to survive, it’s embedded in their genes. However, the human is the only “animal” that also hunts for pleasure. Nowadays, humanity doesn’t need hunting to survive, because we breed life stock by ourselves. Hunting has turned into a sport, a competition where the winner is determined by the weight of the prey.

Hunting in Bulgaria is officially being regulated since the 19th century. Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful European countries. Its nature is rich and offers a variety of game for every passionate hunter. Bulgaria has strict laws regarding hunting and not abiding them will surely lead to a huge fine and perhaps a sentence.

Bulgarian authorities have so far managed to regulate game population successfully. Hunting seasons are strictly defined and there are a lot of hunting reserves. Hunters from around the world can enjoy the rich variety of game in them. Bears, deer, wolves, partridges etc. all roam freely in them. These well maintained and managed game reserves welcome more than 5000 foreign hunters each and every year. The virgin nature provides excellent hunting conditions and supports recreational activities. Many of the visiting hunters also come for business meeting or family vacations. Bulgaria is the vacation jewel of the Balkans and will surely please all nature lovers.

Hunting tourism in Bulgaria is not that well advertised as sea and ski vacations. Still, the well preserved Bulgarian mountains offer a one of a kind hunting opportunity. There are more than 140 regions in Bulgaria that have been certified as game reserves. Depending on which season it is and what the weather is, one can hunt for many different kinds of game. However, all good things in life come at a price. The strict Bulgarian hunting laws require hunters to pay big fees for everything they killed.  For example the red deer trophy fees start at 600 Euro for a 4kg animal and reach 19 000 Euro for animals heavier than 13kg. There are also many additional fees that need to be paid. As you can see, hunting in Bulgaria definitely has a lot of advantages compared to the same activity in other European States. However, make sure that you’ve got the money to cover all your expenses. As we mentioned before, not abiding Bulgarian hunting laws will get you fined and might even lead to jail time.

All in all, Bulgaria is an excellent European destination for recreational hunting. The beautiful Bulgarian nature has no shortages of game animals and offers unprecedented hunting conditions at reasonable prices. Bulgarian hunting laws are strict and hunting seasons are clearly defined. So, plan your trip now and visit this popular Balkan hunting and vacation destination. You will surely be amazed and satisfied from all that Bulgaria can offer you!

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